Sustainable Living and Development​

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Sustainable living is not a prerogative of the rich or the obligation of the populus – it is the responsibility of us all. Let’s take you through the exemplars of sustainable living, places like Auroville – the ‘City of Dawn’, a city just off the coast of Pondicherry, India.

Meet the renowned experts and new-age enterprises that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability. Explore sustainable living and development in the context of the most ancient civilization of the world.

14 Days Of Sustainable Living and Development





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Welcome To India

Breathe In And Embrace

Pick up from the airport. Transfer and check into your accommodation. Settle in, breathe, relax, acclimatise and embrace the life changing journey you are just about to begin. In the evening hop in for some fun Ice breaking sessions/games with your fellow voyagers and a brief outlook of your magical journey ahead..

Small Innovations

Visit To Asia’s Largest Slum

Immerse yourself deep into the Indian experience with a dedicated session on the richness and diversity of Indian culture. You will then visit Dharavi – famous for being Asia’s largest slum. Witness some of most innovative social projects and successful MSMEs in these slums of nearly 1 million inhabitants. Thereafter, you will have your first introduction to the diverse, sophisticated and lip smacking Indian cuisine.

The Six Sigma Workers

Mumbai Dabbawala

Fedex is learning from them and Harvard has a case study on their success story – the Mumbai Dabbawala, a Tiffin delivery service in Mumbai has, with its flawless logistics network, gained global attention. Witness how their system works and take a close look at their daily operations. Thereafter take a long walk on the streets of South Mumbai experiencing some of the most spellbinding architectural heritage of India followed by a sumptuous lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in India.

Go Green

Welcome To Vadodara

Welcome to Vadodara, the cultural city of India famous for its rich and enchanting heritage. In your journey to witness a complete sustainable living experience your next stop will be Muni Seva Ashram (MSA), a 1000-acre social project that exemplifies true principles of sustainability and social welfare. Soak in the wisdom of the experts at MSA who have record-breaking achievements of creating the world’s largest solar cookers. In the evening continue to develop your sustainable enterprise idea with help of mentors and experts in the field.

Economics Of Sustainability

Designing A Sustainable Model

Diving deep into the sustainable model of Muni Seva Ashram, you will witness the first solar air conditioning system in India. Thereafter you will be visiting different schools within the ashram to have a close look on how these schools provide education and vocational training to the students and the local population at no or highly marginalised cost. A successful system that is driven less by economics and more by core human values.

Scale And Grandeur

The World’s Largest School Meal Program

We will visit a social enterprise that has been providing mid-day meals to over 1.6 million children in 13,839 schools across India, The Akshay Patra foundation. Thereafter we travel to the city to explore one of the largest princely states of pre-Independent India- Vadodara. Witness the grandeur of the Lukshmi Vilas Palace, a magnificent piece of Indian history and heritage, four times the size of Buckingham Palace. For lunch, try some mouth watering Gujarati cuisine and experience the diversity in Indian food.

Southern India

Travel And Delicacies

You are half way through your program. Absorb and reflect upon your learning while we travel to the southern India. We will reach our destination late in the afternoon. Experience the great taste of south in your first encounter with very distinct but delicious India cuisine. You have the rest of your day for yourself. Hang around, take rest and get excited for the journey ahead in Auroville.

Universal City

Learn From Community

Welcome to India’s first planned eco-city – Auroville! You will spend next five days in this sanctum – a barren land transformed into a lush green forest within less than fifty years by collective efforts of men and women from all over the world! Auroville is a universal township in the making dedicated to the realisation of human unity.  Perhaps the most multi-cultural place on the planet, with people from over 50 countries living and working in less than five sq km.

Spiritual Enterprise

The World’s Largest Eye Care

Begin your day with a theatre session and try to increase your efficiency and creativity through playful acting. Next is a visit to the Aravind Eye Hospital which has been treating patients, with their unique business model, at no or marginalised cost. After lunch we visit solitude farms to experience farming techniques without use of chemical pesticides. In the evening enjoy some jazz music with authentic south Indian cuisine followed by some reflections and gratitude.

DAY 10

Visit To A Biodiversity Park

All the solutions to the complex human problems lie in nature. Engage in a session on Biomimicry to learn more innovative solutions to the ecological problems of the planet. Next is a site visit the Pitchandikulam Biodiversity Park, a pioneering initiative of ecological restoration of the indigenous tropical dry evergreen forest, one of the rarest ecosystems in India. End the day with a debriefing session, discussions on enterprise creation and gratitude.

DAY 11
The Art Of Balancing

Women Empowerment

Early in the morning, a session on ‘Awareness through your body’ will help you in balancing your state of physical being to the state of complete awareness. There after get to know more about the social enterprise WELL (Women Empowerment through Local Livelihood) Paper – a unique initiative to empower local village women to build and manage a sustainable enterprise of transforming recycled newspaper into art and accessories.

DAY 12
Mother Nature

Music And Architecture

Begin your day by connecting yourself to the Mother Nature in a Birding session. This day is themed Music & Architecture! Enter the sound space of ‘Svaram’, a unique musical enterprise focussing on socio-cultural and creative development. Svaram trains local youth in handcrafting high quality wind, percussion and string instruments and offers an unforgettable ‘sound bath’ to heal your mind, body and soul. The afternoon site visit to ‘Sharanam’ will be a living demonstration of this where you will witness India’s largest handcrafted earthen vault. This building has been chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme as a model for sustainable architecture in India and has been featured in TEDx for its unique acoustics!

DAY 13
Final Day

Pitch Your Idea And Celebrate

It is the final day of your memorable journey. Today is the day to assimilate all your experiences, soak in the special moments. Pitch your enterprise idea to the panel of experts during the morning session. After lunch, dress up in the Indian attire! Sarees for women & Kurtas for Men – for the Valedictory function. Share your thoughts and reflect on what we have learned from this enchanting journey. Celebration in the Evening !

DAY 14

See You Again

We travel back to Mumbai from Chennai and see you off in your exciting journey ahead. We hope that you go back wiser and become a changemaker, driving sustainability in your community. We will continue to connect you with other changemakers in sustainability space so that you can share idea and resources with them.

*The above is a sample itinerary. The final itinerary is created by understanding the requirements of the clients.

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The Unique Ecosystem Of India

India has witnessed a major growth in entrepreneurship. Not because of its demographic factor but out of the need for its citizens to create their own jobs. And design solutions for the social challenges they face.

More than 65 percent of the population in India is under 35 years of age. Consequently, a we have witnessed record-breaking growth in smartphone adoption and data services across the country. Hence, there has been a rise in demand for next-generation services with simplified solutions.

A Flourishing Future

While India has been seeing this increasing trajectory of entrepreneurs and new start-ups over the last five years, 2017 has been a major milestone year for all of the key stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem.

These include government, educational institutions, entrepreneurship support organizations, investors and entrepreneurs - to seek and provide & support in sustaining the biggest wave of entrepreneurship to date.

Home to more of the globe's poor than any other nation, it is also shown itself to be a home of cutting edge innovation with a thriving space program and is regarded as a leader in technology with a flourishing startup scene.

Get Onboard!

You will be visiting amazing places across a large span of India, meeting amazing people, and experiencing the beauty and diversity of this land.

Immerse yourself, and soak as much as you can! Because when you get back home, you'll be another person.