Rural Immersion

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Through this program of Rural Immersion, we allow you to ‘lose yourself’ in understanding rural communities, appreciating community dynamics, studying the underlying issues and their interconnectedness, and design solutions for these communities.

Visit the heartland of India, get a chance to meet different communities and understand their culture, and experience the diversity of this land.

10 Days Of Rural Immersion






Heath And Emergency Support In Partnership With MUrgency



Arrival In Mumbai

Begin day one with a warm welcome followed by an overview of the 10-day program. We’re sure you have lots of questions, and we’ll answer them all. The second half of the day will start with an introduction to “Human-Centered Design Thinking” through a creative workshop. The workshop will enable you with a different lens to observe and understand the challenges faced by a community.


Welcome To Hubli

We will take you to Hubli the next day where you will be greeted by the senior leadership team from BAIF (Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation) – a voluntary organization working towards sustainable livelihood in rural India. You will visit the communities undertaken by BAIF to understand the problems and solutions at grassroot level. Later, we’ll visit Gram Chetana – a training center for farmers – where you will interact with farmers about agro forestry model, organic farming, horticulture, and importance of people organization.


Food And Water

The day begins with visiting Akshaypatra, a not-for-profit organization that fights for issues such as hunger and malnutrition in India. Visit their kitchen to see industry-scale cooking for mid-day meals. The aim is to interact with a local leadership team of Akshaypatra to understand the model and its impact. Later you will visit Sandbox, an organization that supports rural startups, and Aquasafi that is working towards providing clean water systems to the underserved communities in developing countries.

Nature’s Music

Rural Education

Start day four with an interactive session with Adam Woodword, founder of Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya. It empowers, supports and encourages children from socially marginalised and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential and attain a better life. This is done through an intensive and comprehensive educational program of academics and the performing arts, which is undertaken in a peaceful rural residential setting. Enjoy an awesome performance by the little performers of the school!


In-House Sessions And Workshops

The day will be dedicated to sessions and workshops by our experts on topics related to communities and rural development. Some of the topics include “Community First, Product Second” by Vanita Viswanath, a Bangalore-based social entrepreneur and researcher; “What does Sustainability mean” by leadership team of some of the best social ventures of the country. It will be followed by a participatory session to discuss the different rural development models.


Pollinate Energy’s urban slum

Day six in Bangalore will begin with a debriefing on the day’s program. You will travel and interact with Pollinate Energy’s urban slum communities where they are providing solar energy powered home lighting system.

Next, there will be a session on Community First, Product Second by Vanita Vishwanath, a Bangalore-based social entrepreneur and researcher.

It will be followed by a panel discussion by panelists comprising of 

  • Ashutosh Vikram, Co-founder, Ninjakart
  • Srikant Prabhu, Portfolio and Innovation at Social Alpha
  • Aakash Sethi, Executive Director, Quest Alliance
  • Sonal Jain,  Founder, Boondh

Centre Of Excellence

Tata - Dhan Academy

You will arrive in Madurai on Day 7 and settle in at Tata-Dhan Academy Campus. A Gurunathan, Programme Leader, will give you an overview of the Dhan Foundation.

Next, you will visit urban poor communities in Madurai city to see the health initiatives taken up by Dhan. You’ll experience a true rural India and will stay in one of the villages under Dhan Academy.

The day will end with a dinner either at the village or at the Academy.

Heart Of Madurai

The City Of Remarkable Temples

Day two in Madurai will start with visiting communities where Dhan Foundation is working on providing clean water solutions. In your free time, you will work on your design-thinking activity.

 Next, you will visit the Meenakshi Temple which is the heart and lifeline of 2,500 years old Madurai city. The temple is dedicated to goddess Meenakshi, a form of Parvati, and her consort, Sundareswar, a form of Shiva.


India's largest eye Care hospital

You will visit Aravind Eye Hospital for an orientation session. Aravind Eye Hospital, founded by Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy, has treated 40 million patients and performed 5 million surgeries, majority of them being cheap and free, and making it one of the largest eye-care service group. Aravind is working tirelessly to eradicate cataract-related blindness in India.

You’ll tour the paid and free section of the hospital and will visit the Vision Centre. Next, you’ll visit the Auro lab and end the day with meditation at the Memorial Hall.

DAY 10

See You Again

The program will finally culminate in Mumbai where we will summarize the entire program and bid farewell to you, with a hope that you go back with community wisdom and become a changemaker for your own community.

*The above is a sample itinerary. The final itinerary is created by understanding the requirements of the clients.

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The Unique Ecosystem Of India

India has witnessed a major growth in entrepreneurship. Not because of its demographic factor but out of the need for its citizens to create their own jobs. And design solutions for the social challenges they face.

More than 65 percent of the population in India is under 35 years of age. Consequently, a we have witnessed record-breaking growth in smartphone adoption and data services across the country. Hence, there has been a rise in demand for next-generation services with simplified solutions.

A Flourishing Future

While India has been seeing this increasing trajectory of entrepreneurs and new start-ups over the last five years, 2017 has been a major milestone year for all of the key stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem.

These include government, educational institutions, entrepreneurship support organizations, investors and entrepreneurs - to seek and provide & support in sustaining the biggest wave of entrepreneurship to date.

Home to more of the globe's poor than any other nation, it is also shown itself to be a home of cutting edge innovation with a thriving space program and is regarded as a leader in technology with a flourishing startup scene.

Get Onboard!

You will be visiting amazing places across a large span of India, meeting amazing people, and experiencing the beauty and diversity of this land.

Immerse yourself, and soak as much as you can! Because when you get back home, you'll be another person.

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