Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer” – Nolan Bushnell

It is in this very spirit that we present this course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Innovating isn’t just about creating new technology – it is the art of finding solutions to problems with the resources available to you.

Get your hands dirty! Don’t just research – get the chance to meet local businessmen and entrepreneurs who are solving challenges through innovation.

14 Days Of Entrepreneurship



Hiware Bazar



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The Maximum City

Welcome To India

You will be picked up from Mumbai International Airport by a Shoonya representative, and driven through the financial capital of India – taking in the sheer contrasts that the city (and India in general) has to offer. Check-in at the hotel and a meet-and-greet at dinner with the other participants. The Shoonya team will brief participants regarding the upcoming program in store for them.

Feel The Culture

Understanding The Context

You will dive into the Indian context – understand the country’s culture and heritage through a story-telling session. You will then explore the city and take in its inspiring historic sites, and pinpoint the factors that could guide people to pursue a more entrepreneurial way of life. Gradually, slide into the ideation process – for creating solutions to the problems that might be facing the populace.

Look Who Is Innovating

Small Wonders

The day is reserved for a visit to Dharavi, touted as the ‘biggest slum of Asia’, where 62 percent of the Mumbai resides. As a hub for more than 7000 small-scale manufacturing units, this place beautifully encapsulates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Businesses here range across industries like recycling, clay pots, bakery, soap, leather, and embroidery. Next comes an ideation workshop – to gain insights on how to generate, capture, and present ideas.

The City Of Scholars

Oxford Of The East

Welcome to Pune – the city of scholars. As the second largest city of Maharashtra, Pune boasts of a rich heritage – having been an educational and cultural hub for centuries. The city has also in recent years become a home to innovative startups. After settling in, your guide will take you around the city to witness the amalgam of history and modernity that surrounds the city, while enjoying some delectable cuisines!

The Changemakers

The Trailblazers

After a day around the city, you will meet amazing innovators whose path breaking innovations helped everyone around them. Some of these organizations include Abira Creations, helping underprivileged women in manufacturing artificial jewellery, and Venture Centre that is India’s largest biotech incubator. You will be interacting with the beneficiaries and founders to understand the impact models of these ventures.

Experience the rustic life

Hearts Of India

True India resides in its villages. After touring the busiest cities of Maharashtra – Mumbai and Pune, you will head to Hiware Bazaar to experience a rustic life.  Hiware Bazaar is an exemplary model of a showcase village that exhibited exceptional progress in development and growth in self-sustainability. You will spend the night in the village and will get the chance to explore different models of innovation – along with the process of transforming challenges into opportunities.

The Minimum Awesome Product

Build Your MVP

After spending days among greatest of minds and entrepreneurial mentors, it’s time to put ideas and visions into actions. You will be spending time building your own business model and exploring how to test and get the ideas in motion. Our experts will coach you to create the Minimum Awesome Product (MAP), and test the same with a group of potential customer segment. You will then have a real Indian experience of jumping on an overnight train to head south.

Entrepreneurship is in the air

India’s Very Own Silicon Valley

After an overnight train journey, you will reach home to numerous entrepreneurial ventures – Bangalore. It is a startup magnate and loved by budding entrepreneurs for its amicable weather and manpower. Bangalore has also given birth to some of the famous startups of India. We will be visiting many groundbreaking startups and meet the founders to know their story of setting up an empire of their own. You will see how they are using technology in disrupting the sector and impacting the lives around them.

Let's Scale

Scale It Up, Up And Up

The challenges faced by communities it demand out-of-box ideas that have scalable, and low-cost solutions. Technology is the real hero here. The biggest example here is Pollinate Energy, a not-for-profit social business, that has paired with micro-distributors to supply solar powered home lighting systems to slum communities. You will interact with these communities to gain insights how it has impacted their lives.

DAY 10
Set the ball rolling

A Step Closer To Your Dream

With the help of our facilitators, we will help you design your own business model – whether for-profit or not-for-profit. You will be introduced to similar real-life business models that will help you further refine your model. There will be hands-on activities where our experts will pose as your future customers to test the feasibility of your business model.

DAY 11
Foods, Places, Moments, Memories

Soak In The Sun

After the day of brainstorming, you need a day off. Our tour guide will take you around the city to explore the amazing landmarks and popular folklore / stories. Treat your taste-buds with some appetizing food. Next, we leave for Mumbai with few sweet memories.

DAY 12
Let's be the king of the deck

Jack Of All Trades

Having a business model is not enough, you must know you to pitch it your potential funders. A team of experts will help you master the art of selling your product. A day will be spend on working on the fundamentals of business and mock pitches that will help you become Steve Jobs of presentations!

DAY 13
Pitch Your Idea

Time To Sell

It is the time to see your hard work pay off! Pitch your ideas to a panel of experts and get feedback from them. There’s a surprise for the winners. End the evening with fun-filled cultural events and delicious food. You can also try your hand at Indian style of cooking and surprise yourself.

DAY 14
See You Again

It’s Just The Beginning

It is not a farewell and we are not saying good-bye. It’s a promise to become a ‘conscious changemaker’. The journey will come to an end with breakfast and lots of photo-sessions. This end marks the beginning of new dawn where everyone pledges to build a sustainable future.

*The above is a sample itinerary. The final itinerary is created by understanding the requirements of the clients.

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The Unique Ecosystem Of India

India has witnessed a major growth in entrepreneurship. Not because of its demographic factor but out of the need for its citizens to create their own jobs. And design solutions for the social challenges they face.

More than 65 percent of the population in India is under 35 years of age. Consequently, a we have witnessed record-breaking growth in smartphone adoption and data services across the country. Hence, there has been a rise in demand for next-generation services with simplified solutions.

A Flourishing Future

While India has been seeing this increasing trajectory of entrepreneurs and new start-ups over the last five years, 2017 has been a major milestone year for all of the key stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem.

These include government, educational institutions, entrepreneurship support organizations, investors and entrepreneurs - to seek and provide & support in sustaining the biggest wave of entrepreneurship to date.

Home to more of the globe's poor than any other nation, it is also shown itself to be a home of cutting edge innovation with a thriving space program and is regarded as a leader in technology with a flourishing startup scene.

Get Onboard!

You will be visiting amazing places across a large span of India, meeting amazing people, and experiencing the beauty and diversity of this land.

Immerse yourself, and soak as much as you can! Because when you get back home, you'll be another person.