Design And Innovation

Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand

It is with this objective of making design simple that we have created the program of Design and Innovation, that too in the context of the most chaotic civilization of the world.

This program is solely about the needs and behaviour of a consumer, and how the search to satiate those needs led to the creation of some groundbreaking inventions. These were either designed by trial and error or by a process and now are impacting the lives of million.

Build your understanding of the consumer, designing of products across different verticals, and adoption of the designs by a community.

10 Days Of Design







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Look around and you will realise we are surrounded by myriad of objects that help you out. These objects are designed to solve your problems or of your family and friends, or to simply ease you into the comfort of your daily life.

Whether you want it or not, design shapes up our choices and behaviour. And when design is clubbed together with groundbreaking innovation, it has left the world awe-struck.

You will slowly build your understanding of the Indian consumer, designing of products across different verticals, and adoption of the designs by a community.

Today, top-notch companies are investing on user experience and behaviour to up their market game. This journey will prove to give you an exposure of both modern and traditional designs and opportunity to meet diverse people.

Phase - 1 The Great Urban User

Day 1
City That Never Sleeps

Welcome To Mumbai

We will start our journey with a warm welcome and orientation in Mumbai – city of dreams. We will visit a classic local house to understand the cultural dynamics of living in a constrained space environment of the most populated city of the world. The aim is to learn the design adjustments taken up by the people to live with marginal comfort. Your task of the day will be to design thinking as a process, and will be given a guidebook to take observations on Indian users.

Day 2
The Economic Hub Of India

A Household Name In Design

The next day will start with a visit to Godrej’s factory – that has become a household name. Their products have become a staple in the Indian household and quite surprisingly, the brand itself became fused with its products. For example, the iconic Godrej Almirah (cupboard). The later half of the day, we will visit recycled cardboard factory that innovates and creates sturdy furniture out of low-cost material.

Day 3
The Cultural Capital

Welcome To Pune

Our next stop in the journey will be Pune, second most busiest and largest city of Maharashtra. We will visit Bajaj Auto, world 3rd largest three-wheeler and two-wheeler manufacturer. Their auto-rickshaws are the major means for public transport and have made into pop-culture. Post the factory visit, we will visit a design studio to understand and solve problems at a grassroot level. While you build your understanding of the Indian consumer, you will be put into teams to work on your design thinking challenge.

Day 4
City That Never Sleeps

The Highway Staple

Next stop – highway! Drive by any highway and look around for plastic chairs with plastic moulded tables in the centre. The iconic Neelkamal chairs are a part and parcel of 90’s Indian family and a symbol of growth. Frugal yet sturdy, they can be seen stacked in a marriage hall and variety of places. Explore the world of plastic furniture in the Neelkamal factory.

Phase - 2 Systems and Design that changed the face of country

Day 5
India's Postal Marvel

Welcome To Ahmedabad

Ever intrigued by receiving a post by a postman in his Khakhi uniform! We still boast of widely distributed and systematic Indian postal system – an achievement that is doubly impressive once you account for the hugely diverse and unreachable landscape that the country offers. Visit one of the Indian Post Office to understand its working, and meet those Khaki-clad postmen.

Day 6
The Epicentre Of White Revolution

Anand Milk Co-operative

In 1970, India’s National Dairy Development Board launched Operation Flood that changed the course of the nation. It was world’s biggest dairy development program that transitioned India from milk-deficient nation to world’s largest milk producer, surpassing the USA in 1998.  It was launched to shift control of the resources that farmers create in their own hands, and make them sufficient and direct in their own development. This was achieved not through mass production, but by production by the masses. We will dive deep into the well-organised system to know it better. Simultaneously, we will move ahead with the design thinking challenge.

Phase - 3 Design In Everyday Lives - The Heartland Of India

Day 7
India's Food Bowl

Welcome To Lucknow

We will be in the heartland of agricultural economy of India. You will see how functionality and frugality takes over the hustle bustle and every other value. We will take you through a trip to local markets and help spots objects of daily use that are sustainable yet aesthetic. Spot items like neem twig used as Daatun (toothbrush), and water-cooler made of natural materials. In the second half of the day, we will visit Kulhad (earthen teacups) / earthen toys, and Pattal (cups made of leaves) manufacturing units. This unorganised industry is a bearer of iconic design that is consumed by millions of Indians.

Day 8
A Date With Science

Indian Institute Of Technology

It’s a date with science! We will visit Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur for an exposure session to see their bustling research labs. IITs are premier engineering and research institutes of India, which were set up just after the independence to lead world-class science innovations. After that, we’ll visit the science and technology incubation centre at IIT to meet the startups that are innovating for the masses. Next, we will fly back to Mumbai and continue with our design thinking challenge.

Day 9
Back To Pavilion

Design Thinking Challenge

We will continue working on our challenge in Mumbai. Evening will be reserved for a meet and greet at a place in Mumbai for Design mixer (invite only). You will meet some Indian designers and get to know the projects they are working. This will help you gain insights of Indian consumers, which will help you with design thinking challenge.

Day 10
Final Presentation

Day Of Presentation

It’s finally here! Collate all that you’ve heard, thought, and experienced – pull it together in the form of a presentation. Don’t forget to imbibe others’ presentations too – learning from others viewpoints and experiences is often the greatest learning. You will start your journey back to your home, equipped with new insights and learning. You will now start admiring the simplicity of design!

*The above is a sample itinerary. The final itinerary is created by understanding the requirements of the clients.

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The Unique Ecosystem Of India

India has witnessed a major growth in entrepreneurship. Not because of its demographic factor but out of the need for its citizens to create their own jobs. And design solutions for the social challenges they face.

More than 65 percent of the population in India is under 35 years of age. Consequently, a we have witnessed record-breaking growth in smartphone adoption and data services across the country. Hence, there has been a rise in demand for next-generation services with simplified solutions.

A Flourishing Future

While India has been seeing this increasing trajectory of entrepreneurs and new start-ups over the last five years, 2017 has been a major milestone year for all of the key stakeholders in the Indian ecosystem.

These include government, educational institutions, entrepreneurship support organizations, investors and entrepreneurs - to seek and provide & support in sustaining the biggest wave of entrepreneurship to date.

Home to more of the globe's poor than any other nation, it is also shown itself to be a home of cutting edge innovation with a thriving space program and is regarded as a leader in technology with a flourishing startup scene.

Get Onboard!

You will be visiting amazing places across a large span of India, meeting amazing people, and experiencing the beauty and diversity of this land.

Immerse yourself, and soak as much as you can! Because when you get back home, you'll be another person.