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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Shoonya Design is creating the future of education by redefining experiential learning.

Our world is changing – it’s shifting from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy – and to adapt to this new paradigm, a new mindset is required.

The Future of Jobs report, by the World Economic Forum 2017, highlights 10 skills that will be in extremely high demand by 2020. Building these is essential to succeeding in the new world.

This is where Shoonya Design comes in.

Shoonya Design tailors experiences. We internationalise your curriculum by partnering with your institute, and introduce your students to new facet of life. We design immersive programs to help you explore your passion and gain the 21st century skills. The programs include meeting the innovators and practitioners, living with communities, working in teams, building prototypes, and designing sustainable business models. All of this under constant mentorship of our hand-picked catalysts!

10 Skills To Make Your Students Future Ready

Complex Problem Solving

Critical Thinking


People Management

Coordinating With Others

Emotional Intelligence

Judgement and Decision making

Service Orientation


Cognitive Flexibility


Our Programs

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Meet the new-age innovators and entrepreneurs of India to learn the art of creating long-lasting impact through entrepreneurship. Understand on-ground challenges, build path-breaking solutions, design business models, and identify opportunities for mutual collaboration with Indians – all under expert guidance of our facilitators.


Rural Immersion

Experience the grassroot-level issues that resource-constrained communities face. Dive into the complexity and interrelatedness of the problems faced by rural areas, brainstorm solutions that are pertinent to such a socio-economic background, and implement real-world solutions – ones that leave both you and the place, in a much better shape than before.


Design and Innovation

Experience India through the lens of design – design that has survived the test of time in this country and is mass-produced and consumed across this big nation. Curate the best of design and innovation, both modern and traditional, and put what you’ve learnt together in our one-of-a-kind design challenges.


Sustainable Living and Development

Visit the exemplars of sustainable living, places like Auroville – a city just off the coast of Pondicherry. Meet the renowned experts and new-age enterprises that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability. Explore sustainability in the context of the most ancient civilization of the world.


Creative and Performing Arts

Inheriting the invaluable culture and heritage over thousands of years, India is the hotbed of the performing arts – with its tradition rich with forms like music, dance, art, philosophy, and more. Experience the rich legacy of performing arts, and meet those who have preserved the know-how of these millennium-old arts.


Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in this melting pot of culture, called India, and let the experiences of our ancestors flow over you through our heritage. See the diversity in cuisines, festivals, attire, traditions, and people, and explore the unbreakable bind that ties them together.


Customise Your Package

Be it technology, business, design or a combination of these. If we don’t have a pre-designed program, we also offer to partner to design a custom study tour as per your specific requirements.


Health And Safety Support In Partnership With MUrgency

In case of emergencies, we connect you to the right medical resources, instantly. 24/7 Support – Round the clock services to manage healthcare requirements